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I.R.M.A.A. Minefield

I.R.M.A.A. Minefield

Do you think maximizing your Social Security is in your best interests?

Well, the government will love to hear that! And here's why:

The government plans to keep their share of your money, one way or another.

Find out how you can plan and avoid the I.R.M.A.A. Minefield with our Medicare IRMAA Calculator. It will give you an edge over retirement loopholes.


What is I.R.M.A.A.?But it's not going to affect me, right?If I.R.M.A.A. affects me, what options do I have?

What is I.R.M.A.A.?

Did you know your Social Security Check could be reduced by I.R.M.A.A.?

Did you know an I.R.M.A.A. reduction could be avoided? We can help!

Did you go to enroll in Medicare Part B and Part D and discovered your monthly payment seems higher than you had expected?

Did they mention I.R.M.A.A. and you are wondering what it is?

I.R.M.A.A., What is it?

I.R.M.A.A. is income-related monthly adjustment amount. Depending on how much you earn and what your assets are, it will become an additional amount you may have to pay along with your Medicare premium if your modified adjusted gross income, also called MAGI, is higher than a certain threshold (see the chart below).

When will it affect you?

When will it affect you?

I.R.M.A.A. goes into effect when you enroll in Medicare Part B and/or Medicare Part D.

Is this something new that the government has enacted?

Is this something new that the government has enacted?

Actually, I.R.M.A.A. has been around for quite some time. It was first enacted in 2003 as part of the Medicare Modernization Act. It was put in place for those earning a high income to make sure they would foot part of the bill for Medicare Part B (because they could afford it). Then, there was a change in 2011, when it was included under the Affordable Care Act to include Medicare Part D, as well. So, it’s been around for quite some time. It was expanded by the government to try to strengthen the financial stability of the Medicare program.

Will it affect me?

Will it affect me?

In most cases, the government pays the majority of your Part B and/or Part D coverage. It comes into play when you earn $91,000 or more in modified adjusted gross income (MAGI). That’s when you have to pay a larger percentage share of your coverage. You foot the bill so the government can save money by paying a smaller percentage of the share for you. It’s a double-edged sword, you pay I.R.M.A.A. and the typical premium price.

To make things more confusing, I.R.M.A.A. is not part of your plan premium. That is separate. I.R.M.A.A. is the payment they ask you to pay because you can afford more of the share.

How is I.R.M.A.A. calculated?

How Is I.R.M.A.A. Calculated?

Curious whether you think you will have to make I.R.M.A.A. payments? Read on.

It’s the two year look back!

The government determines whether you qualify for I.R.M.A.A. by looking back two years prior. From your taxes, they find your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI). So if you are ready to retire and apply for Medicare Part B and Part D, you are going to want to check your taxes from two years ago and not your current taxes. Your MAGI is your adjusted gross income (AGI) with certain costs added back to it. Your adjusted gross income is a commonly used income figure to determine your income bracket for tax purposes. What it includes is your total income for a year with certain deductions subtracted. Then it adjusts by adding some deductions back, and so it might, in some cases, be higher than your adjusted gross income. Here are some deductions that can be added back to your modified adjusted gross income:

  • Student loan interest
  • IRA contributions
  • Any passive income loss
  • Deductions for tuition and fees
  • Taxable social security payments

Below is the chart for 2022. The numbers depicted here are based on the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) most current records.

If you filed your taxes as: And your MAGI was: Your Part B monthly adjustment is: Your prescription drug coverage monthly adjustment is:
Single $91,000.01-$114,000 $68.00 $12.40
Head of household $114,000.01-$142,000 $170.10 $32.10
Qualifying widow(er) with dependent child $142,000.01-$170,000 $272.20 $51.70
Married filling separately (and you did not live with your spouse in tax year) $170,000.01-$499,999.99 $374.20 $71.30
Over $499,999.99 $408.20 $77.90
Married filling jointly $182,000.01-$228,000 $68.00 $12.40
$228,000.01-$284,000 $170.10 $32.10
$284,000.01-$340,000 $272.20 $51.70
$340,000.01-$749,999.99 $374.20 $71.30
Over $749,999.99 $408.20 $77.90
Married filling separately (and you lived with your spouse during part of the tax year) $91,000.01-$408,999.99 $374.20 $71.30
Over $408,999.99 $408.20 $77.90

IMPORTANT: Your I.R.M.A.A. payments aren’t determined by how much money you made the previous year but rather your MAGI from two years ago.

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But it's not going to affect me, right?

You’re probably saying, “It’s not going to affect me?”

Listen to the video below and find out for yourself.


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Uh oh, were you affected by I.R.M.A.A.?

Can it be reversed? Answer, maybe under the right circumstances.

Unless there is a life changing event like Loss of a Job, Death of Spouse, or Divorce there is no way of reversing the effects of I.R.M.A.A..

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Step 2

The IRMAA Calculator software then takes your information and compares it against thousands of up-to-date data points. We’ll input your pre-retirement/retirement income into the calculator to identify if your SS Net Benefit Income will be affected by IRMAA through Age 90.

Step 3

We will identify if IRMAA will have an impact on your SS Net Benefit Income along with providing income planning solutions to eliminating or reducing an IRMAA Risk in your retirement plan.

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Ready to protect your assets from the I.R.M.A.A. Minefield?

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