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How are you doing with your retirement plan?

  • Do you want to be rich
    do you want to guarantee you’ll never be poor?
  • And, what if you lost your job for 30 years?
    Would that hurt your family?

    • Isn’t that a ridiculous question?
      Well, guess what, that IS retirement.
  • Are you worried about retiring and feel you are too late in the game?

“Don’t Worry, Retire Happy!” is what you need!


Here at Senior Benefits Services, we are excited to announce a book that we have been instrumental in being part of providing to people like you. “Don’t Worry, Retire Happy!” written by Tom Hegna offers seven steps to retirement assurance.

Many individuals think that they just need to add money into a retirement fund and they will be set. That is not the case. There are several steps you want to do to ensure you can retire happy and not have to worry about your money not lasting.

Tom Hegna, shares seven steps in his  book that provides you with a guide to make the right decisions. Let’s take a brief look at these steps to give you an idea of what you will learn. My hope is that this quick look at the book will impress upon you to get started, and now!

Here they are.

Step 1: What Is Your Plan?

In this chapter, Tom encourages you to sit down and create a plan. Decide what you’re going to do in your retirement to help determine how much money you will need. Have you started to think about what you are going to do in retirement?

Step 2: Let’s Maximize Your Social Security Benefits

In this chapter, Tom shares ways on how to fully maximize your social security benefits. Many people don’t take advantage of this and miss out on hundreds of thousands of dollars. Are you missing out?

Step 3: Let’s Explore The Possibility of a Hybrid Retirement

In this chapter, Tom discusses the possibility of hybrid retirement and what it can mean. So, what is a hybrid retirement? In essence, hybrid retirement is when retirees work part time to supplement their income. Are you thinking that you will need to do this?

Here’s a tip that Tom shares in the book that you might want to consider. Maybe you want to work an additional five years before you retire. Yes, you can boost your retirement income by 56 percent if you do that. That’s huge.

Step 4: Learn How To Protect Your Savings from Inflation.

In this chapter, Tom discusses ways to help protect your retirement money from inflation. Inflation “can be your worst retirement income nightmare” and should be factored in when working on your retirement plan. That’s major right now.

Step 5: Learn How To Secure More Guaranteed Lifetime Income

In this chapter, Tom digs deeper into discussing the need for a retirement income that is going to last your full retirement. In this chapter, annuities are discussed further. Do you know what annuities are and the different types of annuities there are? Annuities are something, here at Senior Benefits Services, we believe are important to have incorporated in any successful retirement plan.

Step 6: You Must Have A Plan for Long-Term Care

In this chapter, Tom discusses long-term care and the three phases of retirement. They include the “Go-Go” years, the “Slow-Go” years, and the “No-Go” years. Planning for all three of these is important, and for many people the last phase typically means you’ll be spending time in a nursing home. Planning for your long-term care and how you will cover the costs, is a must!

Step 7: Use Your Home Equity Wisely

In this chapter, Tom shares with you how to wisely use your home equity during your retirement years. Properly unlocking your home equity includes: selling and downsizing, taking a loan against your home equity, and getting a reverse mortgage. Tom dives deeper into discussing each of the strategies.

Are any of these steps of interest to you and do you want your copy of the book to learn more? There’s a FREE copy of the book waiting for you, just give me a call to schedule a time for us to meet. I’d love to hear about your plans for retirement and see whether there is anything I can do to help you not to “Worry and to Retire Happy.” Give me a call today at 610-360-4399 or fill out the for below.

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