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My Crypto Journey

person holding a coin with a B representing bitcoin, my crypto journey

Welcome, friends! I am excited to share with you about my crypto journey that began in 2022. It all started when my clients began to ask my opinion on Bitcoin and other digital assets. Curiosity led me to attend a nationwide webinar on passive income.. During the first presentation, I was skeptical, but the second one featuring a different speaker caught my attention. I was impressed by his talk, and I asked him if there was anything happening in Eastern Pennsylvania. To my surprise, there was a major session being held only an hour from my house! I didn’t hesitate to make reservations and attend the event.

The turnout was impressive, with over 200 people from all across the country, Canada, and England. I listened to the final two speakers who spoke about our limited time, and I was intrigued. After the last speaker’s talk, I approached him to ask for his business card, as I had many questions about how being a financial services planner would affect my involvement in crypto. To my surprise, he lived only 15 minutes away from my house! We decided to meet for breakfast, and I signed up immediately.

The results have been incredible!

Before our breakfast meeting, I reached out to several financial services colleagues to get their thoughts on crypto. The general response was to stay away as it was too risky. However, one advisor mentioned Rick Edelman’s book, “The Truth About Crypto,” and his support for it. I purchased the book and learned that most advisors are against crypto. But Rick Edelman, a well-respected financial advisor, started the “Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals” (DACFP) in 2018, which lends credibility to the future of crypto. I highly recommend reading the book.

In my search for more information about crypto, I met a gentleman who was starting a crypto company in the Lehigh Valley and was involved with a company trading in crypto. He asked me to be part of his upcoming venture, and I accepted. I am now quite involved in advocating crypto as a hedge against inflation and a vital component of a balanced investment portfolio. Crypto is not for everyone, but for those who believe the dollar is weak, inflation is high, retirement is uncertain, and an alternative currency is essential, crypto is the answer. The return on investment has been impressive, averaging 2.5% per week, not per year!

I urge you to consider adding digital assets to your investment portfolio. It may not be for everyone, but for those who believe in it, the rewards are significant.

Thank you for joining me on this exciting journey!

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